How to Track Promotions?


Click " Performance " on the left navigation bar to enter and view the detailed data of the promotion situation : classify by time, link, and invited users, and display various data in the form of data reports in detail.

① Select "time" column to view various data in units of year/month, including clicks, registrations, unaccounted for, rewarded, and transaction amount.


②Select the "Link" column to get the link board: link as the classification unit, including its clicks, registrations, unaccounted, Rewarded and transaction amount.


③ Select the "Source" column to view the status, transaction amount, and creation time of users who passed your invitation .


*Clicks : The number of clicks on the promotional link you shared

Referred : Promote the number of users registered by the promotion link/invitation code you shared

Transaction : promotional rewards that are still under approval/to be effective, and have not been distributed to the account balance

Pending : promotional rewards that have been approved and issued to the account balance

Earned : the amount of transactions (such as purchasing packages) performed by the users you invited in helplook

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