Get document content API


Get the document content.


Request method Request address


Parameter name Type Required Description
token string Yes

Get it from the AI Integrations -> AI Token

slug stirng Yes

The slug is obtained through the document list API


    "data": {
        "id": "29114",
        "string_id": "DemwA8",
        "status": "1",
        "parent_id": "29093",
        "slug": "DemwA8",
        "order": "2",
        "name": "document title", //document title
        "type": "2",
        "cover": "",
        "desc": "",
        "website": "",
        "seo_title": "Knowledge Base Create Articles Online",
        "seo_keyword": "Knowledge base, online creation",
        "seo_desc": "A tool to quickly build a free help centre site/knowledge base/blog, and based on existing knowledge data and AI models, to customise the enterprise-level exclusive "AI Chatbot", which can provide all-round support and help for your products, and solve the problems of document management confusion and knowledge isolation encountered by individuals and enterprises in the work process",
        "author": "",
        "add_time": "1688634795",
        "update_time": "1701248102",
        "tags": [],
        "parent_name": "document content",
        "parent_type": "1",
        "parent_slug": "fyZftP",
        "content": { //document content
            "content_id": "29114",
            "content": "document content", //document content
            "is_draft": "0",
            "editor_type": "1",
            "add_time": "1688634795",
            "update_time": "1701248102"
        "editor_type": "1" // Text editor type: 1-Rich text (old) editor 2-markdown 3-Rich text editor
    "msg": "Success",
    "code": 200
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