How to check rewards for promotion?


Click "Reward" on the left navigation bar to enter and view the data report of promotion rewards, including: reward type, Reward amount, invited users, status, effective time, creation time.

It should be noted that the reward has the following states:

①Pending application : When issuing promotional rewards, they must first pass the Backstage Audit, and they will not take effect until they pass the audit. The status at this point will show "Pending application".


②Pending : As shown in the figure, after the reward has passed the review, an "effective time" will be displayed. Only after the effective time has passed , the reward will be issued to the account, from "pending" → "Earned".


③Earned : When the reward has passed the review and the effective time has passed, the reward will be distributed to the account balance , and the status will change to "Earned".


④ Decliend: The user maliciously swipes rewards through some improper promotion method, and will be judged as a violation by the background review , and the rewards will be refused.

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