1. Login/Signup HelpLook: Email/Phone number

①Enter the official website of HelpLook, click "Start Free Trial" on the homepage or "Get Started" in the upper right corner to login/signup for an account.


②Users can choose to use your email to login/signup. Unregistered email will automatically create a new account and login after verification.


③Please enter your email address.The page for new users will pop up with an input box for invitation code and password (optional) after clicking "Get Verification Code".
*You can set a password here (Or you can also skip and click to login now. After the account is successfully created, you can also set/modify the password in "Your Account".

*If you have an invitation code, you can also fill in the box here.

④After completing signup or login, it will automatically enter the overview interface of site.

2. Get Started With HelpLook In Under 30 minutes!

  • Knowledge Base (CMS)

① Create a site

Click "Create now" and choose "AI Knowledge Base (CMS)"


Enter the required information

  • To create a knowledge base, provide details such as your site icon, logo, and name. Select the desired language and template for your site. Click "OK" to successfully create your personalized site!

  • AI ChatBot (ChatBot)

① Create your chatbot

Choose to create "AI ChatBot (ChatBot)": Enter the site name, choose the language, click "Confirm", and a Q&A bot exclusive to you will be created!

② Train your chatbot

To train your chatbot, paste the website link and sitemap. Then enter other datasets like text and files and click "Train the robot" and "Start the training" to start training.

Once training is complete, click "Training completed" to finish. HelpLook will retrieve various links from these data and links.

Integrate the Chatbot into Your Website

To integrate the HelpLook ChatBot into your preferred website, access the installation code from the "Web Plugins" section. Obtain the code and integrate HelpLook ChatBot into your desired website.

*This information can also be modified arbitrarily after creation, so there is no need to worry about filling in the wrong or getting too tangled.

③ Add content

  • Knowledge base: Open the "Content" column on the left side of the page, click "+", you can choose to create columns or articles;

Click Edit article content, enter the title and content, select "Preview" to view the effect of the article, and then click "Publish" to the site after making sure that it is correct.


④ Check the effect

  • Knowledge base: Open the "Overview" column on the left side of the page, and click the site address directly to jump to the site page; Or copy the site address to open the browser to see the effect of the site's home page.


  • Chatbot: You can quickly and easily view the training effect of the robot on the content page


3.Set the information

  • Knowledge base: Open Settings - > site settings on the left side of the page, you can set the basic information of the site: site icon, logo, name, language, default editor and template; Click the drop-down "Individuation" to also design and preview the theme style of the "Header navigation", "Custom pages" and "Footer navigation".



  • Q&A Chatbot: Open Settings - > Plugins on the left side of the page to set the robot's icon, avatar, name, language, welcome message, color and other information


After completing the above operations, I believe you have mastered the basic gameplay of HelpLook! If you encounter other problems during using, you can enter the Help Center of HelpLook to search for answers or click "Contact Us" in the lower right corner of the page to get our email to get answers.

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