How to cash out promotional rewards?


①As shown in the picture, we can see the displayed account balance and "withdrawa" at the top of the page, click to enter the withdrawal page


②Follow the prompts to enter the amount to be withdrawn, Alipay account number and Alipay Name, click "Confirm" after completion


Pay attention to the following points:

* Withdrawal to Alipay and bank card, according to national legal regulations, please first authenticate your real name, bind your mobile phone before withdrawing cash

If you have not bound your mobile phone and completed the real-name authentication, you can follow the prompts and click " Do it Now" to enter the binding page and complete the real-name authentication



* There is a threshold of 50 yuan for balance withdrawal , and cash withdrawal can only be done if it exceeds 50 yuan

*It is expected to arrive within 7 working days after withdrawal; the withdrawal amount is calculated according to the exchange rate on the day of processing

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