Update log



  1. Enhancement: SSO supports users who no longer need to operate on the login page
  2. Knowledge base support for uploading local docx, xlsx, pdf files


  1. Access to categories & documents is only supported for Supervisor and Administrator configurations, with support for searching members
  2. Knowledge base support to configure article access rights(👉View details
  3. Enhancement: Optimized chatbot's experience when importing files
  4. Enhancement: Failure of translation of some articles to other language sites
  5. New "Search Member" function for team management
  6. The tabbed results page of the knowledge base supports filtering by selecting multiple tabs(👉View details
  7. Under authorized login access, you can individually share a certain article for external users to view: Settings->Site Settings->Article->Share articles privately(👉View details
  8. Support jumping to the same URL article when switching languages(👉View details


  1. Enhancement: Knowledge Base importing content fails with too many document images issue resolved
  2. Knowledge base support for advanced search: Settings->Site settings->Search->Advanced Search(👉View details
  3. Enhancement: Logical changes to partner templates for the knowledge base
  4. New Back to Top action on Knowledge Base front-end
  5. New chatbot's upload text API(👉View details
  6. New chatbot's upload website link API(👉View details
  7. Knowledge base support Single Sign On: Settings->Site settings->Access permission->Authorized login(👉View details
  8. Global Replacement for Knowledge Base supports replacing titles(👉View details
  9. Knowledge base links support QR code generation and download(👉View details
  10. Backend site bar supports categorization and filtering of sites
  11. Blog template optimization: filter out unpublished posts from parent categories
  12. Corporate Blog-1 template optimization: home page shows search box
  13. Knowledge base Adds New(👉View details
  14. Knowledge base import content support 50M
  15. Knowledge Base Support Article History Version Comparison(👉View details
  16. Chatbot's answer support highlighting code blocks(👉View details
  17. Chatbot adds a Stop Answering button(👉View details


  1. New robot models: claude-3-haiku, claude-3-sonnet(👉View details
  2. Knowledge base AI search and AI Q&A support for reply images(👉View details
  3. Verification code access to the Knowledge Base supports authorized login(👉View details
  4. Super Administrator support for editing own name
  5. ChatBot supports customized domain names: Settings->Web Plugins->Custom domain(👉View details
  6. New Remember Account option on login page
  7. Articles added to display read members(👉View details
  8. CMS import file API(👉View details
  9. ChatBot Adds New Upload File API(👉View details
  10. Knowledge base adds verification code access (👉View details
  11. ChatBot's content list supports sorting by word count (👉View details
  12. Knowledge base support for article creation using templates(👉View details
  13. New API to update article content(👉View details
  14. Knowledge base added to show the path to the section where the search result is located
  15. ChatBot supports one-click retry of failed links(👉View details
  16. ChatBot supports batch deletion of data(👉View details


  1. Blog support AI auto-generated summaries(👉View details
  2. Optimize knowledge base editor permissions: disable exporting
  3. New session ID added to the Q&A
  4. Support for downloading invoice for orders paid in USD(👉View details
  5. AI sources in Q&A added to show training data(👉View details
  6. Chatbot's welcome message supports adding images(👉View details
  7. SEO management added to knowledge base(👉View details
  8. Knowledge base support for Card view and List view: Settings->Site Settings->Column(👉View details
  9. Knowledge base access terminal support for downloading documents (.PDF format)(👉View details
  10. Editor support for generating table of contents(👉View details
  11. Knowledge base mobile adapted for outline presentation
  12. Knowledge base support for AI-generated SEO keywords and descriptions (👉View details
  13. Data analysis on traffic sources added to the knowledge base: Analyze->Data Analysis->Traffic source(👉View details


  1. Knowledge base supports batch move, delete and modification status operations(👉View details
  2. ChatBot's dialogue box input length optimised to 300 characters
  3. Support custom article anchor name: Settings->Site Settings->Article(👉View details
  4. ChatBot supports click to open new conversation (👉View details
  5. Knowledge base support to export data analysis reports for Article and Search term: Analyze->Data analysis
  6. Support to view the number of categories and documents under the Knowledge Base category
  7. Optimise Markdown editor: support zoom in and zoom out when viewing images on the access side
  8. Add editor role, can only create articles can't publish: Settings->Invite Teammates(👉View details
  9. Knowledge base documents support displaying share buttons for sharing to different platforms: Settings->Site Settings->Article(👉View details
  10. New Site template: Corporate Blog-2


  1. Knowledge base support for global find and replace(👉View details
  2. Support custom Prompt: Settings -> AI Configuration(👉View details
  3. New "Author" field for article list records: Analyze->Data Analysis->Article
  4. New API to get document content(👉View details
  5. New API to get document list(👉View details
  6. Knowledge base's overview page adds "My artical", which allows you to view the articles you have created.(👉View details
  7. The form configuration in the footer navigation of the knowledge base can be sorted by dragging it
  8. Knowledge base adds Robot model field descriptions and filters: Analyze->Q&A(👉View details
  9. Knowledge base support for exporting Markdown backups(👉View details
  10. New languages: Japanese
  11. Knowledge base uploads images with a size limit of 3M
  12. Call API interface to add "No answer found Reply" (👉View details
  13. WeCom supports mobile phone/email binding after installing HelpLook
  14. Optimise the template [InfoHub]: New column icons and collapsible catalogue
  15. The home page of the knowledge base supports multiple previews(👉View details
  16. The Codeblocks configuration of the knowledge base's header navigation has been made mobile-compatible (👉View details
  17. Support for configuring your own robot model Api Key: Settings->AI Integration(👉View details
  18. Knowledge base's document URLs can be configured to be randomly generated: Settings->Site Settings->Article(👉View details
  19. Knowledge base support for Tag management: Settings->Tag management(👉View details
  20. AI ChatBot supports training only specified links(👉View details
  21. New robot model: GPT-4-Turbo
  22. New mode: Dark mode(👉View details


  1. The default address of the site supports customized second-level domain name: Settings->Site Settings->Custom domain  ( 👉View details )
  2. Support for deleting sites: Settings->Delete site ( 👉View details )
  3. Added real-time email notification of leads: Settings->Web Plugins->List Collection ( 👉View details )
  4. AI ChatBot add quantity flags to imported content
  5. The default address of the site is
  6. Knowledge base supports separate sharing category under Private Access ( 👉View details )
  7. Quick start in the Custom pages of the Knowledge Base support adding external links: Settings->Individuation->Custom pages  ( 👉View details )
  8. "Search term" adds statistics for clicked articles ( 👉View details )
  9. Support multiple documents in one HTML file when exporting knowledge base ( 👉View details )
  10. New API to get Leads List ( 👉View details )
  11. Featured Articles in the Custom pages of the Knowledge Base support adding external links: Settings->Individuation->Custom pages ( 👉View details )
  12. Knowledge base support for statistics on content authors and related data ( 👉View details )
  13. Knowledge base support for adding authors to articles ( 👉View details )
  14. Knowledge base support retains original file names when downloading attachments
  15. New Site template: Product roadmap
  16. The AI search of the knowledge base supports setting it to be viewed manually: Settings->Site Settings->AI ( 👉View details )
  17. Knowledge base's document URLs are automatically generated based on the title
  18. Blogs can top posts
  19. New robot model: ERNIE Bot 3.5
  20. Support for multi-round dialogs
  21. New Site template "InfoHub" is added to the knowledge base, and the homepage supports the configuration of categorized modules:  Settings->Individuation->Custom pages ( 👉View details )
  22. New languages: Italian
  23. Added "Operation log" to view each teammates's behavior: Settings->Operation log


  1. Knowledge base article editing support for adding tags
  2. Support drag and drop to zoom in and out
  3. Knowledge base support for configuring "Chatbot" widget: Settings->Web Plugins->Basic Configuration ( 👉View details )
  4. Knowledge base support for title-only searches: Settings->Site Settings->Search   ( 👉View details )
  5. Knowledge base support for importing Markdown files
  6. Support export AI Q&A records: Analyze -> Q&A ( 👉View details )
  7. Knowledge base article/full site translation logic optimization: automatically adapt to the languages ​​set by the two sites for translation
  8. Blog template style supports display of secondary categories
  9. Knowledge base upload attachments support img format
  10. Knowledge base supports setting search styles: Settings->Site Settings->Search ( 👉View details )
  11. Knowledge base has added redirection management to support redirection of article links: Settings->Redirect Management ( 👉View details)
  12. Knowledge base supports full site translation (👉view details
  13. Rich text editor (new) supports uploading attachments
  14. The AI ​​search of the knowledge base supports configuring the default reply for no answer found: Settings->AI Integration ( 👉View details)
  15. Article feedback adds IP information: Analysis->Article feedback
  16. New search interface API (👉view details
  17. Knowledge Base article watermark display optimization
  18. The Chatbot submits sitemap crawl links, compatible with the txt format
  19. New languages: German, French, Spanish
  20. Knowledge base content editing, SEO configuration support side editing
  21. Knowledge base data analysis adds search terms: Analyze->Data analysis->Search terms (👉 view details)
  22. Added AI frequency control to the knowledge base: Settings->AI Integration->Send message limits
  23. Added details to the retention list to view conversation history


  1. The Chatbot  supports setting the number and interval of messages sent by users: Settings > AI Integration - > Send message limits (👉 view details)
  2. Knowledge Base Article Details Support Breadcrumbs: Settings->Site Settings-> Articles-> Article Display Breadcrumb (👉 view details)
  3. AI search/Q&A number reaches the upper limit optimization
  4. The Operations role for team management has a new accessible analytics module
  5. HelpLook official website added partner display page
  6. The Chatbot reply in the chat interface supports displaying the source: Settings-> Web Plugins-> Basic Configuration->Whether to display the source of the answer (👉 View details)
  7. The knowledge base supports importing multiple files at once
  8. AI model support GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT4.0 (👉View details)
  9. Knowledge Base Custom Domain Names Support Tencent Cloud ICP Filing Domain Names (👉 View details)
  10. The knowledge base has added a rich text editor (New), which supports advanced functions such as table merging, find and replace, and emojis
  11. Q&A bots support importing content through APIs
  12. "Private access " has been added to the knowledge base access permissions, which supports encrypted sharing of single articles: Settings->Site Settings->Access Permissions" ( 👉View details )
  13. The Chatbot supports chat interface configuration and recommended questions: Settings->Web Plugins->Basic configuration->Recommended questions (👉View details )
  14. An article in the knowledge base supports SEO configuration (👉View details )
  15. The Chatbot data source supports uploading text and files (👉View details )
  16. Knowledge base articles support adding watermarks and prohibiting copying ( 👉View details )
  17. HelpLook official website updated
  18. The Chatbot data source supports importing sitemap
  19. The Chatbot imports content and supports retrying when link crawling fails.
  20. The Chatbot supports setting avatars, welcome messages, responses for no answers found, etc.: Settings -> Plugins -> Basic Configuration ( 👉View details )
  21. The Chatbot website link crawling support: extreme speed mode, compatibility mode
  22. The Chatbot supports collecting investment retention information: Settings -> Plugins -> Capital allocation ( 👉View details )
  23. The Chatbot supports iframe integration and sharing robot links


  1. The Chatbot Q&A list displays source links
  2. Support setting the text matching degree of AI answers: Settings->Integration ( 👉View details )
  3. The type of site that you can create is supported: +Create -> CMS (Knowledge Base) / Chatbot .
  4. Chatbots support crawling multiple layers of URL data
  5. Top searches on your Page are mobile-friendly
  6. You can import existing site data to create chatbots
  7. Added plug-in assistant in the left menu bar, which can be integrated and embedded in the website(👉view details)
  8. Document support Markdown editing: On the document editing page or Settings->Site Settings-> site information, you can choose to switch to HTML/Markdown editor (👉 view details)
  9. The article supports exporting backups: Content->Directory->New icon "Export Backup" in the upper menu bar (👉 view details)
  10. The sign-up landing page is mobile-friendly
  11. Articles can be viewed by scanning the code on the mobile phone: Settings->Site Settings->Articles/AI, and a "Scan a QR code to view" button is added below (👉 view details)
  12. Add a historical version of the article, you can view the recovery: In the upper right corner of the article editing page, click "Version" to view the restored historical version (👉 view details)
  13. Whether article image loading supports compression: Settings->Site Settings->Article/AI, add the "Client Image Compression" button below
  14. Article WeChat sharing display logo:You can share card-style sites/article links on WeChat by collecting and forwarding
  15. Added Recycle Bin to view/restore deleted articles: A new "Recycle Bin" has been added in the left navigation pane of the client, and deleted articles will be placed in the Recycle Bin, and you can choose to permanently delete/restore them to their original location (👉 view details)
  16. The recommended articles on the homepage support API calls
  17. Added personal blog template
  18. Displays the recharge record


  1. Added an App Store
  2. Sign up for a 14-day commercial trial
  3. The footer supports code customization
  4. New Personal Edition price plan
  5. AI search times support additional purchases
  6. The navigation bar supports code customization
  7. Traditional language has been added to the site
  8. The homepage module supports setting search hot words
  9. The content in the admin background supports creating replicas
  10. column supports configuring popular articles
  11. The content list in the admin background supports copying article links
  12. The homepage supports configuration recommended articles
  13. Add new templates
  14. Article anchoring is optimized for headings
  15. The content supports word file import
  16. Support US dollar payment
  17. Overview adds display of aggregated data for the site
  18. The navigation bar supports code customization
  19. Traditional language has been added to the site
  20. The homepage module supports setting search hot words


1. It can be set to give priority to AI search

2. New article module for data analysis

3. The operation background supports search

4. New data analysis (overview)

5. The operation background supports English version

6. Added an English version to the official website

7. Support password login

8. Article support feedback

9. The homepage slogan can customize the color

10. Support email registration and login

11. Support footer setting

12. Added AI management: question and answer records, integration

13. Compatible with base64 images when uploading images

14. After configuring multiple languages, other sites are automatically associated

15. Search page optimization

16. AI search supports streaming mode

17. AI search shows source

18. AI integration can correlate multiple site content

19. Support encrypted access


1. Merge release/synchronization

2. Mobile search supports AI

3. Support GPT

4. Blog support to fill in a brief

5. New languages: Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese

6. Compatible with offline download


1. Custom domain names support configuration paths to distinguish different sites

2. The registration page supports filling in the invitation code

3. Optimize release/sync logic

4. Articles support custom domain name path

5. Document creation is supported under document

6. Can be published in batches

7. Support default expansion of configuration directory

8. New blog template

9. Optimization of uploaded video

10. Create content and support uploading videos

11. Support invitation cashback

12. The logo in the navigation bar supports the configuration of jump links

13. Content can be synchronized in batches

14. Site access page style optimization

15. Picture display acceleration optimization

16. Support team management


1. Support embedded code

2. The article details page supports anchoring

3. Document support translation

4. The site supports multiple languages

5. The navigation menu supports drag and drop sorting

6. The article details display the outline table of contents

7. Optimize the article style

8. The site supports custom domain names


1. The site supports changing the theme color

2. Editable home page background image

3. Custom Navigation

4. The home page supports search

5. The default display directory on the home page

6. V1.0 is online

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