How to build a complete internal enterprise knowledge base?


HelpLook is a knowledge management platform that helps companies better organize, disseminate and apply knowledge. So how can you do a good job of knowledge management in your organization with HelpLook as a tool?


1. Create a knowledge base site

①Click "Create now" and choose "AI Knowledge Base (CMS)".


2. Fill in the information

Add site icon, site logo and site name in turn, select site language and site template, and click “Confirm”.
*The first 3 templates are recommended for in-house knowledge bases


3. Setting access permission

As a knowledge base visible only to internal members, it is recommended to set access permission as password access, private access, authorized login.


>>> The difference between different access permission can be found in this help document:


4. Import content/create 

Click "Import" to enter existing file information in batches. You can create different categories according to different topics, departments or problem types to facilitate the search and browsing of related knowledge.

*Supports importing .docx and markdown files

*Supports batch importing of content


Content creation teams can also create articles here, write and publish content directly. HelpLook provides a WYSIWYG editor that is compatible with rich text and Markdown, and provides basic text operations and advanced functions such as inserting videos, attachments, and tables.


>>>Reference for a comprehensive guide to creating documents:


5. Retrieval capabilities & AI support

HelpLook integrates GPT 3.5/4.0/ERNIE Bot 3.5/AWS Robot model, with powerful AI search function, which can help users and employees quickly find the knowledge they need.


Published articles are automatically passed to the AI for training, all you need to do is enter a keyword and a question, and HelpLook AI will retrieve all your online knowledge content and intelligently summarize an answer in 10 seconds.


The left side of the page displays keyword search results based on Elasticsearch. This on-site search method is based on keyword matching and can quickly find results related to keywords. The AI search on the right side of the page uses text vector search, which considers the semantic relationship between words and documents to provide more accurate and relevant search results.


At the same time, you can also configure the AI ChatBot to be integrated into websites/apps and other three-way applications, or directly share the link to use.


>>> Learn more about HelpLook AI:


6. Configure website portal style

You can customize the entire website portal, including custom styles, headers and footers, fonts and other styles.

>>>> Personalized Configuration Guide:
You can also customize your knowledge base domain name.

7. Adding members to collaborate

HelpLook provides a collaborative function. You can add multiple members, set different management roles, and create and maintain the knowledge base together. By collaborating with team members, you can continuously update and improve the knowledge content.

8. Analyze statistical data

HelpLook provides statistical and analysis functions, which can Track and evaluate the use of the knowledge base. By analyzing data such as popular articles, popular search terms, and traffic sources, you can understand which knowledge is receiving attention and which knowledge needs to be updated or supplemented, thereby improving the effectiveness of knowledge management.
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