Introduction to Common Functions of Rich Text Editor



Title Style:

*The article title is the Header 1. According to SEO standards, a page cannot have two H1s, so H1 cannot be set in the editor.


After configuring the title style, the outline will be automatically generated.


Font style:

Supports modification of font sizes , text color , background color , bold , italic , underline , and strikethrough.


Clear Formatting:

Applicable scene:

①One-click clear format

② If you copy a document from somewhere else and cannot modify the format, select the document and click "Clear Format", then modify the format.


Generate directory:

Find the "Table of Contents" button and click it to quickly generate an article table of contents based on the title style.





1. Insert a table


2. Resize

① Direct drag

②Enter specific values in "Table Properties"


3. Modify cells

Click "Cell Properties" to modify cell size, style, border color, background color, etc.


Add a hyperlink/upload an attachment:

>>>Learn more: How to upload attachments/documents/compressed package/pictures and videos?


Insert image/GIF:

① Simply copy and paste the image/GIF

② Click the "Insert/Edit Picture" button to adjust the picture width and height after uploading

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