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HelpLook is a knowledge base software that integrates online document compilation, storage, display and ChatGPT.

  • Online document compilation

Rich text editor: Editting various elements with ease, automatic saving of edits to prevent data loss.

Structured design of content: Organizing your content with unlimited hierarchical levels, including directories, sections and documents for better management.

  • Online storage

Modify and publish articles: It supports flexible switching between draft and published statuses of articles and you can modify and publish articles at any time.

Trusted data security: With advanced and flexible cloud service architecture, it offers independent and secure storage for data.

  • Online display

Customizable beyond belief: It's simple for users to drag-and-drop content among different categories and provide customizable beyond belief.

Intelligent site-wide responses: HelpLook AI not only performs fuzzy searches but also automatically organizes answers and provides related links.

  • Chatbot

HelpLook has been connected to chatgpt function, which can allow users to experience document-based AI customer service and AI search services, and customize enterprise-level exclusive "AI Q&A chatbots" based on existing knowledge data and AI models to improve information retrieval efficiency, help users locate the required content more quickly and accurately, and solve the problems encountered.

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