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  • Help Center

It's extremely convenient for you to ship a Help Center in 5 minutes so that grow your business up and make customers happier.

  • Product Brochures

HelpLook provides the function of creating product brochures online, which not only can strengthen product publicity and improve brand image,but also can update blogs of products in time, highlight the performance  of product and allow users to understand the product more comprehensively.

  • Knowledge Base

It's beneficial for you to build a powerful internal knowledge base, solve the chaos of internal document management and improve productivity with HelpLook.

  • FAQ

You can create FAQs online on HelpLook.With its powerful knowledge base building function and HelpLook AI,you can facilitate the user to obtain information of enterprise or product,eliminate the user's concerns quickly and improve their satisfaction.

  • Navigation

With the function of online production of technical documents,HelpLook can record the product development process,technical design and so on to strengthen the communication of team,help the team to complete information sharing and long-term knowledge transfer.

  • Customer Support

Use HelpLook to create your own chatbot, support the import of a large amount of document data, provide customer support for your products around the clock, solve customer problems and concerns in a timely and effective manner, and improve customer satisfaction with products and services.


  • Personal Blog/Website
  • Study Notes
  • Knowledge Document
  • Online Resume
  • Journal/Draft/Essay
  • ...etc

As long as you are good at discovering and utilizing, the various functions of HelpLook are all for your use!

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