How to configure SEO for a single document?


Search engine optimization (SEO) plays an important role in articles. It can improve the ranking of articles in search engines, increase the visibility of articles, thereby increasing traffic and conversion rates, increasing brand awareness, and ultimately increasing corporate revenue.

How to configure

Method one

①As shown in the figure, select an article and click the "···" symbol, and select "SEO Configuration"


② Follow the instructions, enter the Title, keywords, and description of the article SEO in the boxes , and click " Confirm ".


Method two

Click "Article Configuration"

❓Configuration instructions
  • Title

The title in the SEO configuration is the meta title, which is the title displayed on the search engine results page. A meta title, unlike an article title, appears on search engine results pages or when a link to an article is shared on social media or other sites.

*Setting the SEO title will not change the title of the article in the knowledge base

*If no SEO title is configured, the article title will be added as the default SEO title

  • Key words

Keywords are query words entered by users into search engines. Setting keywords helps improve the relevance of articles and search engine query results, making it easier for users to find content that meets their needs.

  • describe

The description in SEO configuration is meta description, which is mainly used to introduce the content of the web page to users and display it in search engine results. Meta description usually includes important information such as the web page's topic, introduction, and keywords, which helps users quickly understand the core content of the web page in search results. Meta descriptions should be short, concise, compelling, and describe what’s in the article.

*If no SEO description is configured, the web search engine will select the appropriate text from the article as the default SEO description

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