How to set custom domain?


Custom domain can make your website more professional and help improve brand recognition. At the same time, you can also optimize search engine of the search engine so that the target group can find your website more quickly and easily. Therefore, it is important for you to choose and formulate a suitable custom domain for your product.

CMS: Click Settings ->Site Settings, select "Custom Domain"

ChatBot: Click Settings ->Web Plugins, select "Custom Domain"

Select whether to have filed (Alibaba Cloud/Tencent Cloud/Unfiled): If you have already filed, you need to fill in the ICP Filing number in the box below, and do not use it if you have not filed an ICP.

③Enter custom domain and click "Save" after completion.

*This feature can only be enabled after upgrading for the paid version.

*Please login management platform domain name to add record of CNAME and point to

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