How to import content and train AI ChatBot?


A ChatBot with complete data and powerful functions can help you solve users' doubts in a timely manner 24 hours a day, help users quickly find the information they need, improve customer experience, and reduce business costs at the same time.

To create a ChatBot that is unique to you, there are several ways to import data:

1. Submit website link and crawl the site content

Method one: Automatic crawling

①As shown in the picture, click Content->Website, enter the website link to extract data in the box, and click "Train the robot"

②Wait for the link crawling to complete and click " Start the training "


③Wait for the robot to import all the data and click " Training Complete "


Method two: Manual entry

Enter a specific website link to support crawling only the data under the link

2. Import the site map and crawl the site content

As shown in the picture, select "sitemap" and enter the sitemap link in the box, click " Train the robot"->"Start the training"->"Training Complete"

3. Enter text content directly

As shown in the picture, select " Text ", enter the content in the box, and click " train the Robot "

4. Upload files

As shown in the picture, select " File ", upload the required file (supported file types: pdf, docx, .txt), and click " Train  the robot "

View training results:

You can start a conversation on the Q&A chatbot page on the right side of the page to test the training effect of the robot.

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