How to manage redirection of article links?


Redirection here refers to the redirection of article links, which refers to the process of pointing one URL address to another URL address. This redirection can be done because the content of the web page has been moved to a new location, or to optimize search engine rankings. When a user clicks on the source path, the server will automatically direct them to a new link address so that the user can access the correct page content.


Click Settings->Redirect Management to view and edit the redirect list.


①Add redirect link : Click "Add Redirect ", enter the source path , select which document in the knowledge base you want to redirect to , and then click " OK" .


②Edit redirect link : Click " Edit" on the right side of the link to reselect which document in the knowledge base needs to be redirected . The source path is not editable.


③ Delete the redirect link: You can directly click " Delete " on the right side of the link, or you can select multiple links , and then click "Delete" on the upper right


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