GPT integrated interface


By calling the GPT integration interface, you can integrate the knowledge Base (CMS) and AI ChatBot (ChatBot) on your website, APP, WeChat Mini Program, etc. to achieve intelligent replies.


Request method Request address


Parameter name Type Required Description
token string Yes

Get it from the AI Integrations -> AI Token

question string Yes

Customer’s questions

session_id string No Session ID


    "data": {
        "success": "1",
        "answer": "The operation is simple and easy to use, no code and programming, five minutes can set up a free help center for your products, save labor costs, improve customer satisfaction, and make office work easier. In addition, HelpLook has been connected to ChatGPT, providing document-based AI customer service and AI search services, and supports importing data to create your own Q&A chatbot, making your help center smarter.",
        "source": [
                "id": "29103",
                "name": "Introduction",
                "url": "",
                "path": "/docs/intro"
        "gpt_info": {
            "id": "chatcmpl-8G1mJwctZ2cKUM7xg2borENxzWvFR",
            "finish_reason": "stop",
            "created": "1698830775",
            "model": "gpt-35-turbo-16k",
            "object": "chat.completion",
            "usage": "{\"prompt_tokens\": 3015, \"completion_tokens\": 36, \"total_tokens\": 3051}"
    "msg": "Success",
    "code": 200
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