Promotion method and reward mechanism?


How to promote?

You can recommend users to use products to get rewards by sharing promotional links or invitation codes .

*You can use the promotion link/invitation code generated by default , or choose a custom promotion link/invitation code.

As shown in the figure, find the portrait in the upper right corner, click "Referral program", and jump to the promotion page



②Click Copy link/invitation code, send to others New user


③As shown in the figure, when a new user registers/logs in Page Fill in what you sentInvitation code, which is Promoted successfully.


What is the reward mechanism?

Refer new users to use HelpLook to get these rewards:

  • Every time you invite a paid customer to subscribe to HelpLook, you will get a 20% subscription commission reward!

*The commission rewards obtained will be displayed in the balance, you canDirect withdrawal to Alipay /bank card

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